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Welcome to, here you may have fun and chat with strangers in the most visited free video chat. All you need is connect your webcam, set up your microphone and connect to our chat! The main goal of our service is to let our users communicate without any borders. Our webcam chat will be interesting service for those, who open for new acquaintances and love to communicate online. It exceeds the capabilities of the standard ways of virtual communication and allows interlocutors see each other via PC screen and communicate in real time. With our site you can make new friends by chatting with strangers, have some fun and even more! In our chat interlocutors finding each other by the principle of random selection, that resembles classic Roulette. The effect of surprise activates user’s expectations and turn regular ordinary communication process in sort of gambling. Such way of pastime is a great psychological relief for those who tired of routine and monotony of modern society.

    Welcome to TalkToStrangers!

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  • Meet With Strangers is fast and safe way to communicate with people
  • Its free to use
  • You can use free text chat to communicate with users
  • Thousands of users online each day
  • It’s as simple as it possible
  • Roulette system allows you to chat with random strangers
  • It works with all known browsers and mobile systems
  • We guarantee that we’ll keep any info about our users in safety
  • Multi-language system on site


When you attend video chat with strangers, you are required to have a minimum of cautiousness because if it is true that the data confirms that you are multiplying the weddings with the people you know in chat, it is true that you may incur in incertitude situations. Unfortunately, some users exploit anonymity and claim to have a different identity from the real one, lying on sex, age, and physical appearance. This problem can easily be overcome by asking for an interaction via the web cam after the first chat approach and, if there is a denial on the other side, you can begin to 'cheat' the deception. It's important to point out that for security reasons; administrators are always present and ready to ban users who adopt improper and improper behavior. Although omegle text chat is free and unregistered, there is always an excellent control by the mediators, especially if it is a proven trusted and serious platform.


Our rules list is quite simple:

  • Don’t act rude to other users while chat randomly with strangers
  • Advertisement is prohibited
  • Be polite with other users and have a good time with our chat!

Helpful tips

  • Separate security, there is nothing wrong with interacting with a newly-known user, in the end, chat also has the purpose of wasting and delighting the components that can spend a few hours widening their circle of friends.
  • If you have to be bothered, there is always someone who intervenes in this part of the world outside of cyberspace.
  • Free and unregistered chat with a stranger is meant to allow people to meet, but also contain information, debates, solidarity and friendship.
  • By registering on a site with a good reputation, navigators are aware of being in touch with a virtual world where you can move with less distrust and avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • It is clear that in any chat there is always a risk coefficient and it is essential to let yourself go to some personal confidences, only when you are certain that the user you are interacting with is a person without any other Purpose that is not a genuine and sincere friendship.