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They are waiting for you to chat for free in lesbian chat. It is part of the conversation to make new friendships and whatever arises. Remember to respect the rules of Lesbian Chat, especially be respectful of others, do not advertise and not be repeating all the time the same. This is the chat for lesbian girls where anything can happen. But you also have other lesbian chat rooms. Lesbian Chat is compatible with PC, Mac, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and Android. The room for lesbians is a space controlled by moderators and dedicated exclusively to girls who are attracted to other girls or who have concerns about their tastes. Enter our chat and discover countless women with your same preferences and who are willing to talk about their doubts and experiences, meet other women related to them, make new friends or even find love.

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  • The access to free lesbian chat rooms is totally free
  • If you wish you can stay completely anonymous
  • With our webcam chat, you can have hours of unforgettable time
  • Just one click on a start button and you’ll be instantly connected with your randomly chosen interlocutor
  • No sign up’s, payments and hidden fees demanded
  • Use your webcam and microphone for much more realistic communication
  • Hundreds of users online, and who knows, maybe most of them are looking for you?


Welcome to the free lesbian chat, here you can talk to Women of this same Sexuality where you can share a Chat full of Friendship, Friends, and Love with girls from all around the world. Here you can meet girls in our Lesbians Chat Rooms and you can find a Couple and get to do whatever you want dear, this Lesbians Chat is exclusive for women. You can enter by WebChat and Irc take advantage and visit us to meet and chat via your webcam and microphone

Helpful tips

  • For the good operation of our channel and for the good of all users, we have some rules; ignorance of them does not exempt you from compliance at our lesbian sex chat.
  • Know us in our next section, where you will be able to see the Nicks that are part of the administration and know to whom to go in case of some type of consultation.
  • We have another section where you can request to be op/preop and be part of the team, read the requirements and if you decide to join us, do not hesitate and send us your mail. Do not forget that it is a totally voluntary and disinterested contribution, without any economic benefit.
  • You will find along with the Official Bot of the Channel, Lesbian, any doubt, query or problem that may cause during your stay.
  • Finally, you will find a basic help at the user level, it will be of great help to execute many of the commands that we have in the Hispanic chat. In this section, we have a mailbox, there you can send us your suggestions or anything you want to share with us, help us to improve.
  • In the name of our team, we thank you for visiting our small cyber corner; you are also part of this.


To avoid any kind of problems, just follow this simple list of rules. Following things are not allowed in our webcam chat:

  • Any kind of advertisement
  • Rude behavior: insulting, swearing, threats, blackmail etc.
  • Offer services, especially when we are talking about illegal services
  • Flooding (spamming with senseless messages over and over) is not allowed
  • Remember that chat is a space for conversation and coexistence, in which you can make friends and contact new people for all kinds of purposes.